Dear Sir / Madam,
I just wanted to pop a quick note to say i was visited by a representative called Simon T today and i had to just say that he was absolutely charming.
Sadly i have just had all my windows and doors replaced and wouldn’t be looking to use you at this time but if I was I would most certainly be more inclined to use you on the basis that Simon was really very charming and polite which speaks volumes these days! He didn’t take a long time overselling and being pushy, and he did give some ideas for garden summerhouses and conservatories which we could consider in the future.
I think that its important for people to hear good feedback on staff, especially when they are so smart and charming as Simon is.
I will keep hold of the card and should i require anything in the future, your company will be the first i will consider.
Please ensure that Simon T hears some feedback, it can do wonders for morale to hear that your work is appreciated especially when you are doing house calls and no doubt getting some mixed recations.
Kind Regards
Yours Faithfully
C Albers