Commencing in June 2017, Dunraven replaced and fitted all the windows, back and front doors at my property. The work was carried out in a timely fashion earlier than promised and was completed to our delight and full satisfaction. The fitters worked with due care and diligence and completed the work in just two days. The entire fitting was carried out professionally and cannot be criticised in any way and neither can the quality of the actual windows and doors.

As to problems reported in other reviews I have read, I reported a small window opening handle had seized. I telephoned and reported same at 11.0am on a Friday. A window technician attended just 90 minutes later and solved the problem. When you consider I live in Newport, the speed of the technician’s arrival was commendable, particularly when it was a Friday.

I was so impressed with the windows, I opted to have a conservatory fitted to my property. At this point I must say that I found neither the window sales rep nor the conservatory sales rep, “pushy,” as implied in other reviews. Each one spent a long time explaining what was open to my wife and I and the price was negotiated. No deposit necessary. I was warned at point of sale that the work could not be commenced until November, 2017 due to the current demand.

Our conservatory has now been completed, the work commencing on 7th November as promised. The sewer inspection access point had to be moved and this caused complications: the most important being the sewer was DWR and the team who were preparing the foundations and the removal of the sewer could not carry out the latter because of the sewer being subject to DWR regulations.

Dunraven sent another company who was authorised to carry out such work to remedy the sewer work on behalf of DWR. This team encountered other problems which meant their work was prolonged but they would not leave until that work was fully completed. (The additional cost this would have incurred just had to be considerable. I was telephoned by Greg, of Dunraven, that this additional work would not cost me a penny. As promised, this work was completed as promised). It was very heartening to learn that there was no further costs to us and the call from Greg of Dunraven was made within a very short time of the problem with the sewer being indentified. This states a lot to the integrity of their customer care and professionalism.

The conservatory was completed within two weeks of commencement of same, which was the estimate given at point of sale. There were couple of minor problems but again, Dunraven sorted them all out to our complete satisfaction. The end product is amazing and everyone who has come to see it, both neighbours, friends and family, think the conservatory is fantastic.

Must commend all the different workers and fitters who carried out this work at my property. All were very cheerful, polite without being officious and very helpful, keeping my wife and I informed with all the were doing. They also took care of my property. Yes, there was dust when cutting the brickwork, but they kept it to a minimum. (The old adage, “you cannot make an omelette without cracking eggs.” applies).

I could have had windows and a conservatory fitted perhaps more cheaply than Dunraven but the products would not be of the same quality as Dunraven.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dunraven to anyone having similar work under consideration.

The comments in this review are genuine. My wife and I are delighted with the outcome. We are confident of the ongoing care of Dunraven.

Best wishes and Merry Xmas

Roy and Marie Davies.